This section is to help you identify the sign type that will best serve your project and customers’ needs.

  • Architectural

    Are generally fully customized designs, with several different design elements. These signs may or may not be lighted. These may be ground based, wall signs, monument signs or other multi element designs.

  • Channel Letters

    A hollow aluminum can in the shape of a specific letter. Led or neon lighting is installed in the interior of the letter and the letter is then finished off with an acrylic face and “jewelite” trim cap. Faces can be further customized with vinyl overlays to meet your customers color and design needs. They are a very versatile and affordable option for many applications. Many have “cloud” shapes or “taglines” as an added means to advertise your customers business.

  • Reverse Channel Letters

    Are solid built letters with a metal face and open backs. This allows the sign to be clearly read during the day and creates a lighted halo effect behind the sign at night. The cans may be customized with paint to meet the customers desires.

  • Monument Signs

    Are ground based signs on a solid base about as tall as a person. They may be just for a single tenant or have sections for multi tenants. The base may be made of stone, brick or other material to imitate the appearance of stone, stucco or whatever look your customer is trying to achieve. Combine the monument with a light box for illumination or add a message board with changeable lettering will enhance the value of your monument sign.


  • Non-Illuminated Signs

    Any sign type that is fabricated without lighting installed as a part of the sign. Usually wall signs or ADA type signs.

  • Pylon Signs

    Are pole mounted signs, with no additional base. May be on a single or double pole and when greater height is needed maybe on telescoping poles. Pylon usually soar high above your business location they resemble a large monument sign used for shopping centers. These grab motorists attention from a long distance away.

When considering what your customer needs or wants, keep in mind that all projects may consist of several of the above type of signs – your imagination is your customers biggest limitation.